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Why List With Nancy?

When you list with 95 % of Real Estate agents, they will put up a sign and put your home in MLS.
Waiting, waiting and more waiting. What a joke !

We sell property, lots of it.
Here is how: 'Advertising' in 7 different Magazines, 3 Newspapers, using Direct Mailers and the Internet.

The day you sign with us you will have a Virtual Video Tour of your home, created and uploaded on the Internet!
And yes there is more: we even have Billboards.

Our advertising budget is thousands a month and that's ok. Nancy and her team are confident they will sell your property.
Dunedin Condos and Homes

Dunedin New Homes:

One of the benefits of purchasing a new home is that you get to decide certain details and add details to your home during the building process. Typically new homes in Dunedin will cost more then a typical Dunedin home, but it will be used and not your exact desires.

In my opinion the greatest single feature of a new Dunedin home is everything is new, I have had a lot of people move into their Dunedin home or other real estate, and after all the inspections they come to find out something was overlooked and a large repair bill is waiting.

New homes that are being built now in Dunedin are primarily being built on spare lots or double lots that have been split. In Dunedin and most other areas of Dunedin finding enough land to build an entire neighborhood is nearly impossible. If you have any questions regarding Dunedin homes or Dunedin real estate please give Nancy a call.

Dunedin Condos (Condominiums):

Condos are a hot commodity in the Dunedin real estate market. Dunedin condo prices vary depending on location and the starting price is $65,000 and up. The owner of a Dunedin condo holds the deed for the specific unit and homeowners association, consisting of all the members, manages the common areas usually through a board of directors elected by the members. The same concept is also used in other countries with different names, such as "unit title", "common hold" or tenant-owner's association.

Due to the fact we are in Florida and this is a popular destination for people up north, you might want to consider that when deciding about purchasing a Condo in Dunedin. Renters generally do not maintain their condos as well and this might become a concern later. We have noticed a trend of renters that refuse to keep up the property or they just don't care. I prefer to find my clients a condo with a primarily owner occupied residence. When buying a Dunedin Condo, I always recommend speaking to the neighbors to find out any dislikes about the Condo complex and to get a feel for the type of people your will be attached to. It is also very important to have a qualified Dunedin Realtor to help you with your purchase.

Dunedin Townhouses:

What is the difference between a Condo and a Townhouse? That is one of the most common questions we are asked. Please let us explain the differences.

The price of Dunedin townhouses can range from $89,000 to $500,000 for the Dunedin luxury townhouses or Dunedin waterfront townhouses.

Residential townhomes in Dunedin can be found in various town home communities throughout the suburbs. Most Dunedin townhouse associations charge anywhere from $75.00 a month to $400.00 for association fees. The more amenities a Dunedin townhouse association has, the more the townhouse owner will pay in fees.

Dunedin townhouses are like Dunedin condominiums because they are attached to another unit usually on at least one side and more often than not, have common areas that are owned in an undivided interest, such as a pool, spa, green belt, and maybe tennis courts. Dunedin Townhouses are like Dunedin single family homes because they own the land that they sit on individually unlike a condo. If the land is not owned individually than it is a condominium. Dunedin Townhouses are not stacked and do not have another unit above. Some condominiums do not have units above either so don't assume a two story unit with an attached garage as always being a townhouse.

Dunedin luxury homes:

Dunedin luxury homes are unique. It takes a special Realtor to handle this type of transaction. Consider that the average Dunedin Luxury Homes starts at $850,000 and easily gets into the millions. When looking for a luxury home, you have to go above and beyond and that's what we do. We treat our clients like royalty when it comes to purchasing Dunedin Luxury Homes. We can help place you in a luxury home that will take your breath away.

Generally we like our clients to make a list of all the "Dream Features" they want in the Dunedin Luxury home. Here are some common requests we receive for features luxury home shoppers desire. Wine Cellar, in home butler, boat house, separated guest house, Tennis Court, yacht dock, bowling alley, putting green, helicopter pad and many more. Please don't feel shy about these items, we love finding luxury homes that match your dreams.

When looking for luxury property here in Dunedin make sure to ask us any questions about the area. Is there fine dining nearby? What types of entertainment are close by? Gated community preferred? Is it close to a country club or golf courses?

Dunedin Homes for Sale: 

If you are seeking a home for sale in Dunedin you have found the perfect website to assist you. We offer some unique services that make us stand apart. If you would like to view property please contact us and we will get together and look at homes for sale.

Nancy Leslie
Wants to Sell Your Home


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